Seed Academy’s Think. Be. Do. Alumni and guests with many being local entrepreneurs, were treated to an enlightening evening with serial entrepreneur and founder of the Sorbet Group, Ian Fuhr.

Ian had the room captivated – and in laughter – as he shared details of his entrepreneurial journey applicable to all types of entrepreneurs, which began at the age of 22, the lessons he learnt along the way, how his hunger for success has culminated in the prominent Sorbet franchise and secrets behind the brand’s success.

There were many lessons and insights shared throughout the evening which contributed highly to the motivation of the entrepreneur’s present, here is a recap of few of them:

  • Always place people before profits
  • Success = making a difference in other people’s lives
  • A strong community is the foundation of a successful business
  • You cannot ignore the socio-political environment in which your employees are forced to live
  • The purpose of work is to serve
  • Understand why the market gap exists
  • Place customers at the heart of your brand and business
  • Do not underestimate the importance of developing a strong culture in your business – it creates the environment that allows people to deliver their best performance