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WDB Growth Fund, a Section 12J Fund, is an impact fund focused on increasing the participation of youth and women entrepreneurs in South Africa’s economy. The Fund takes equity positions in growth stage businesses.


Partnered with WDB Investment Holdings and Grovest, the Fund’s mandate is to address the needs of growth-stage businesses while providing investors with Enterprise & Supplier Development points recognition and tax benefits.

Investment Opportunities…

The WDB Growth Fund targets attractive investment opportunities in qualifying industry sectors, in the nominated ED and SD share portfolios. Capital contributions made by measured entities are utilized by the Fund Manager to provide ED and SD assistance to qualifying enterprises provided they are driven by experienced and proven entrepreneurs, match or exceed the required risk/return profile and are approved by the Investment Committee.

The WDB Growth Fund invests in businesses that: 


All you need to know about WDB Growth Fund (the serious stuff)

Qualifying investors : Individuals, companies & trusts
Minimum subscription : R1 million
Fund term : 5 – 10 years
Investment size : R1.5 – 10 million subject to a single asset limit of 10% of fund size
Fund returns objective : ED: Money back + CPI
SD: Money back + CPI + 10%
Tax benefits : Amount invested is deductible from taxable income in the year the investment is made
B-BBEE benefits : Corporate investors may receive recurring BBBEE ED & SD for once off investment in the fund
Recent Investments : Moshate Communications an integrated marketing communication & management company (www.moshatemedia.co.za)
PrimeStars sees cinemas nationally as “Educational theatres of Learning” for high school learners from disadvantaged communities (www.primestars.co.za)

Since my involvement with Seed, my business has grown significantly.   We now have 17 major clients on board with Nkasi Amor Project and the list keeps growing.  I would recommend Seed Academy to all aspiring entrepreneurs!

Zandile Nzimande, Nkasi Amor Project

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Annabel Dallamore, StockShop

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