Business Name: Got Paper?

Concept: Specialises in the recovery and recycling of paper from schools and offices which is then sold to dedicated buy-back centres.

Year founded:  2017

Founder: Lelo Rammitloa

How the business idea came about: I attended a Forum on waste management hosted by Proudly SA and Pikitup August 2016 and I realized there are many opportunities in waste management. I did some research in my area in Soweto and found that up to 90% of the companies do not recycle their waste paper and I spotted a gap that I can fill.

Business Journey

Lelo Rammitloa, sole founder of Got Paper, is a passionate, young entrepreneur with a focus on environmental awareness.  For Lelo, the inspiration to start a recycling business and make sure that ‘nothing goes to waste’ was born when she attended an exhibition on waste management.   The result, a life-changing decision that not only presented a far-reaching positive impact to ‘green up the environment’ but, for Lelo, it was inspiration sprung to life in more ways than one; when, in January 2017, she began her journey as an entrepreneur with the formation of Got Paper, a company that specialises in the recovery and recycling of paper from schools and offices which is then sold to dedicated buy-back centres.

“I was first introduced to Seed Academy by a ‘friend’ on Facebook,” says Lelo.  “I was keen on finding out more about their entrepreneurship programmes and was very excited when they told me about the AccelerateHer Programme so I enrolled immediately.”

“As a new entrepreneur, I was ‘clueless’ in the beginning,” she maintains.   “But, the Master Classes were exceptional.   In fact, they were a real eye-opener for me.  During one of the sessions I was provided with a very clear definition of the meaning of entrepreneurship and the case study examples that were presented greatly helped me to understand the various aspects of the supply chain,” Lelo confirms.

Going Green’ is that much easier with a better understanding of the ‘paperwork’

“My mentor, was a great inspiration to me and during the workshops I learnt how to market, how to pitch and become pitch-ready.   Of significant value, was the training I received with respect to logistics and supply chain management, which has gone a long way towards helping me to streamline the transport aspects of my business.  The sessions on the financial aspects of business and how to manage the ‘numbers’ were highly beneficial to a first-time entrepreneur such as me.  The AccelerateHer Programme  has enabled me to sharpen my communications skills and in a nutshell, my experience with Seed has been phenomenal in the sense that ‘going Green’ is that much easier now that I have a better understanding of the ‘paperwork’”, she states.

“Since joining Seed Academy, Got Paper has acquired two new clients,” says Lelo.  “I recommend Seed Academy to any aspiring entrepreneur with enterprise.  My business has grown by 20% overall, and being surrounded by such great ladies on the AccelerateHer Programme was a fantastic experience.  I felt truly empowered.  With knowledge comes power as well as empowerment; and empowerment leads to greater confidence,” she concludes.

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